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Before we set out on our journey to the largest country in the world, let’s get some basic facts first (data as of 2014  [1] ). This is the basic information you need to know about Russia, whether you’re planning to visit Russia or you just like to have a quick overview of the country.

General Info about Russia

Capital City: Moscow (Population:  11.5 million)

Biggest Cities: Moscow (11.5m), Saint Petersburg (5m), Novosibirsk (1.5m), Yekaterinburg (1.4m), Nizhny Novgorod (1.3m)

Population: 143 million (World ranking: 9th) [2]

Languages: Russian (official), 27 other languages are official in various republics inside Russia.
20% of the population in Russia speaks a foreign language.
Most common foreign languages: English, German, French, Turkish.
Russian is spoken by 270 million people worldwide. [3] 

Russia Map 

Economy of Russia

Currency: Russian Ruble

Size of Economy: GDP (PPP): $2.5 trillion (World ranking: 6th; Compare: USA: $16 trillion, $Germany: 3.2 trillion)  [4]

GDP per person per year: $18,000 (World ranking: 57th; Compare: USA:$52,000, Germany: $40,000)

Unemployment Rate: 6% (Compare: USA: 7%, Germany: 7%)

Youth Unemployment Rate: 17% (Compare: USA: 15%, Germany: 8%)

Inflation Rate: 7.5% (Compare: USA: 1.5%, Germany: 1.5%)



  1. Figures are rounded and sometimes averaged from different sources to give a general idea. Accuracy not guaranteed.
  2. CIA World Factbook,
  3. 143m (Russia) + 9m (Belarus) + 36m (80% of Ukraine) + 18m (Kazakhstan) + 64m (Other)


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